Physical Disorders or Psychological Phobias: What is the Most Popular Reason of ED?

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Erection occurs when man’s imagination or feelings are aroused. The central nervous system sends impulses that increase blood flow to penis which fills cavernous bodies and leads to enlargement and stiffness of sexual organ. But in order to make erection process go smoothly, the following conditions must be met:

  • nervous system must regularly deliver impulses from brain to penis;
  • circulatory system is to effectively saturate sexual organ with blood;
  • smooth muscle canal should relax enough so that blood can reach penis;
  • the possibility of preserving blood in penis before orgasm must be present.

Thus, there are many factors, both physiological and psychological, that are involved in the process of erection occurrence. In case one of them gets weak, the whole mechanism falters. Let us consider these factors and try to figure which aspect is most unsteady and vulnerable.

Causes of Physiological Erectile Dysfunction

Popular Reason of ED

Erectile dysfunction caused by physiological changes, as a rule, occurs in men older than 50 years. It may be associated with chronic diseases, injuries, complications after prostate surgery or other operations that can damage nerve channels leading impulses from brain to penis.

  • A frequent cause of erectile dysfunction lies in vascular problems and blood pressure. Hypertension can damage blood vessels so drastically that they will not be able to transport blood to penis and keep it inside.
  • Another group potency issues’ causes are neurological disorders. They can impede the transmission of impulses from central nervous system to penis. They include diseases related to nervous system, that is, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease or multiple sclerosis, which almost always cause problems with potency and reduce sexual desire.
  • Potency can also impair after nerve damage in diabetes as a result of postoperative complications, especially if a surgery was held near the spinal cord.
  • Disorders in penis itself can also cause erectile dysfunction.
  • Potency problems can also have hormonal causes. Low testosterone is a frequent culprit in erectile dysfunction.
  • Side-effects of certain medications may include erectile dysfunction. So medications that lower blood pressure or antidepressants may act adversely towards male sexual activity. In this case, a doctor may prescribe a lower dose or replace the drug.
  • Ejaculation disorders often occur when using stimulants such as cigarettes, alcohol and drugs. With this kind of problem, it is better to quit bad habits or limit the use of hazardous substances.
  • There are also high-risk actions that increase the likelihood of erectile problems. In particular, cycling can have a negative effect on men’s health.
  • Vasectomy is the operation of crossing the cord that does not cause the development of erectile dysfunction. However, the pain accompanying recovery after such an operation can lead to disturbances in a man’s sexual life.

Causes of Psychological Erectile Dysfunction

The psychological causes of potency problems occur more often in men under 40 years old, while physical factors dominate in mature men. Depression is the most common psychological factor that causes erectile dysfunction.

The following factors have the same effect:

  • stress;
  • anxiety,
  • uncertainty;
  • sadness after losing someone close;
  • relationship problems;
  • lack of interest from a partner.

Reflections on the marriage or conception of a child negatively affect some men. How to help a man with psychological impotency? Impairment in sexual function in men occurs not only due to diseases of the genitourinary system and other pathologies. In medicine, a specific form of male insolvency is called psychological impotency.

In this case, erectile dysfunction develops due to prolonged depression, previous moral injuries on sexual grounds, fear of a partner’s pregnancy, etc. The basis for the treatment of this type of impotency is psychological assistance.

Characteristics and causes

Psychogenic impotency is a disorder of sexual function due to neuropsychiatric and psychosocial causes, as well as psychological characteristics of a person. It can be absolute (erection does not occur at all) or partial (erection occurs, but does not last long, which does not allow a man to fully carry out and accomplish sexual intercourse). Potency disorders occur spontaneously. A man notes a weak intensity of erection during sex, early ejaculation or lack thereof, decreased libido, erectile dysfunction even with strong excitement and desire, difficulties in achieving orgasm, periodically appearing weak erections, usually in the morning and at night. Due to the inability to achieve orgasm and satisfy a partner, a problem with a psychogenic basis will be exacerbated.

Psychological impotency is caused by emotional stress, various fears and perceptions that negatively affect the activity of the nervous system and slow down the transmission of impulses to penis. This leads to impaired functioning of the mechanisms responsible for erection. The reasons for erectile dysfunction with psychological basis are:

  • Depressive state in which a man loses interest in everything, including women and sex;
  • Stressful rhythm of life;
  • Constant tense situations at home or at work;
  • Prolonged mental or physical stress;
  • Fixation on problems;
  • Frequent change of sexual partners and, as a result, satiety and disappearance of interest in sex;
  • Lack of privacy with a partner;
  • Strict upbringing, in which the child was instilled with the opinion that sex is bad and dirty;
  • Self-doubt, low self-esteem, fear of sexual failure;
  • Behavior of a sexual partner: her words or actions that harmed the dignity of a man;
  • Experience of sexual failure, obtained earlier. The way the first experience of a man passed is of great importance, since it is forever deposited in memory;
  • Injury of a sexual nature (most often – sexual violence experienced in childhood);
  • Long abstinence, irregular sex life;
  • Lack of interest and coldness on the part of women;
  • Uncertainty of a man’s sexual orientation;
  • Fear of contracting a sexually transmitted disease or getting HIV infection, as well as fear of an unplanned pregnancy;
  • Sexual incompatibility of partners (mismatch of desires, lack of interest);
  • Condom reaction.

Psychogenic impotency requires treatment. A man needs to acknowledge that a problem exists and should consult a specialist.

How to Get Rid of Psychological ED?

Treatment of psychological impotency should be based on the work of a psychologist or psychiatrist with a patient. Psychological erectile dysfunction is treated by studying a man’s history, identifying factors that could form a mental barrier to sex. A man needs to be prepared for the fact that the psychocorrection will be long and take several months. This type of impotency is much more difficult to cure than other types of erectile dysfunction. For greater effectiveness, attending psychotherapy sessions is recommended with a partner.

First of all, treatment should begin with a trip to a psychologist, since the cause of the disorder includes psycho-emotional aspects. A specialist selects the necessary medications that restore erection and eliminate the manifestations of psychogenic problems. Patients are advised to take pills, such as Cialis, that allow a man to strengthen erection and have a fully-realized sexual intercourse. Such remedies are taken immediately before sex: they provide blood flow to penis and contribute to long-term preservation of erected state of sexual organ. The most commonly used drugs are: Viagra and Kamagra. Erection pills should be prescribed by a doctor, since they have a number of contraindications and can lead to unpredictable consequences in the presence of diseases of cardiovascular system. Also, for symptoms of psychological erectile dysfunction, doctors prescribe tranquilizers (Zidena) and antidepressants (Prozac). Another way to treat sexual impotency due to psychological reasons is the introduction of prostaglandin analogues into penis. It stimulates blood flow and strengthens erection.